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  • Cheese Quesadilla Guacamole & Sour Cream Cheese Chicken
  • Ixtapa Garlic Bread
  • Mexitalian Pizza Cheese, Pepperoni & Jalapenos
  • Chicken Pizza Grilled Chicken, Mozzarella Cheese, Chipotle Red Onion & Cilantro
  • Taquitos Dorado (3)Shredded Beef, with Guacamole & Sour Cream
  • Guacamole House Specialty! Smashed to Order
  • Empanada Picadillo Two Empanadas Stuffed with Seasoned Ground Beef or Chicken. Served with a Spicy Tomatillo Sauce
  • Papa Rellenas (stuffed potato balls) 3 Fried Breaded Mashed Potato Balls Filled with Seasoned Ground Beef, Served with
    a Side of Mojo Sauce
  • Macho Nachos Tortilla Chips, House Made Chorizo Beans, Jalapenos, Green Onions & Cheddar Cheese Sauce
  • Media Noche Mini Traditional Cuban Sandwich - Pork, Ham, Mustard & Mayo, Swiss Cheese, Butter & Pickles on a Sweet Roll
  • Appetizer Platter Taquitos Dorado, Nachos & Cheese Quesadilla

DEL MAR (From the Sea)
  • Baja Tacos (2) Deep Fried Beer Battered Fish or Shrimp, Cabbage, Pico de Gallo Salsa and Mexican Cream Fish  Shrimp
  • Fried Calamari Calamari Tossed in Light Batter with Seasoning, Deep Fried and Served with a Chipotle Dipping Sauce $7
  • Manila Almejas Al Vapor (Steamed Manila Clams) Ocean Fresh Manila Clams Steamed in a White Wine, Clam Juice, Garlic, Jalapenos, Broth with Butter & Cilantro
  • Daily Ceviche Fresh Fish Marinated in Fresh Lemon & Lime Juices, Cilantro, Sweet Peppers, Onions & Tomatoes
  • Mini Tostadas Two Crisp Corn Tortillas with Shrimp or Ceviche Cilantro, w/onions, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Avocado & Mexican
  • Cream Sauce
  • Garlic Beer Skillet Mussels & Clams
  • Fish & Chips Red Snapper Tossed in Brown Ale Beer Batter with Seasoning, Served with Fries and Tartar Sauce. ? Appetizer Portion
  • Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Chopped Mexican Shrimp, Avocado, Spicy Tomatoes & Cilantro in a Clamato Seafood Broth, Topped with Fresh Avocados
  • Seafood Sampler Appetizer Shrimp, Calamari & Red Snapper tossed in a Light Brown Ale Beer Batter, Served with a
    Chipotle Dipping Sauce
  • Seafood Campechana Cocktail (Combo) Mexican Shrimp Cocktail with Baby Scallops, Oysters & Octopus
  • Oyster in the half shelf Market Price

SOUPS (Cup / Bowl)
  • Caldo de Alb?digas Beef Meatballs with Carrots, Celery, Zucchini & Potatoes
  • Caldo de Pollo Chicken with Avocado, Chili, Chipotle, Cilantro, Tortilla Strips
  • 7 Mares Seafood Soup Clams, Mussels, Shrimp, White Fish & Crab Meat Bell Peppers & Onions in a Spicy Tomato Broth
  • ix?tapa House Salad Mixed Greens, Tomato, Cucumber, Tortilla Chips, Choice of Lime Cilantro or Ranch Dressing
  • Tostada Salad Iceberg Lettuce, Green Onions, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Black Beans, Cucumber,
    Cheddar Cheese Chicken
    Carne Asada Shrimp
  • Mexican Chopped Salad Marinated Chicken, Roasted Corn, Black & Pinto Beans, Apples, Jalapenos, Tomatoes & Queso Cotija
    in a Cumin Vinaigrette
  • Chicken Avocado Lime Salad Marinated Grilled Chicken, Avocado, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Jicama and Guacamole, Baby Greens with
    Lime-Cilantro Dressing
  • Santa Fe Salad Chopped BBQ Chicken on a bed of Romaine Lettuce, Tossed with Corn, Black Beans, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Shredded Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese and Ranch Dressing, Topped with Tortilla Strips and Avocado Slices
  • Chopped Grilled Caesar Salad Grilled Romaine Spears, Fresh Parmesan Cheese, Croutons and House Made Caesar Dressing



Served with Rice, Homemade Refried Beans, Corn or Flour Tortillas. Add $1 for Black or Chorizo Beans

  • Chile Relleno Poblano Pepper Stuffed with Ground Beef or Cheese, Topped with Red Chili Sauce Cheese  Beef
  • ix?tapa Fish Tacos Two Soft Flour or Corn Tortillas with Grilled Fish, Red Cabbage, Chipotle Cream, Pico de Gallo,
    Mango & Avocado Sauce
  • Chili Verde Tender Chunks of Pork, Corn & Potatoes in a Spicy Salsa Verde
  • Carnitas Slow-Cooked, Boneless Pork, Served with Guacamole, Onions & Cilantro
  • Pollo en Mole Poblano Chicken in our Homemade, Spicy Red Mole Sauce
  • Carne Asada Grilled Rib-Eye Steak, with a Cheese Enchilada & Guacamole
  • Mexican Short-Ribs (Birria) Braised Beef Short-Ribs, Saut?d with Our Special Spices
  • Filete Y Papas Con Rajas Grilled Filet Mignon Medallions with Chile Pasilla Creamy Potatoes
  • Pescado Grilled Salmon Served with a Lemon Butter Sauce, White Rice and Broccolini
  • Grilled Tilapia Served with Garlic Butter Shrimp White Rice and Seasonal Vegetables
  • Camarones al la Diabla (Devils Shrimp) Shrimp Saut?d in a Garlic Spicy Tomato Sauce. Served with White Rice and Side Salad
  • Camarones Rancheros Shrimp Saut?d in a Mexican Ranchero Sauce, Caramelized Onions, Fresh Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Cilantro
    and Butter, Served with White Rice and a Side Salad
  • Pollo Asado (Roasted Garlic Chicken) Roasted Chicken with Garlic & Rosemary Served with Chipotle Cream Potatoes with
    Corn & Sliced Pasilla Peppers
  • Bistec De Pollo - Chicken Steak Tender Chicken Breast Grilled to Perfection, Topped with Mojo Sauce. Served with White Rice,
    Black Beans and Fried Plantains
  • Ropa Vieja - Shredded Beef ("old clothes?) Thinly Shredded Beef Prepared in a Fresh Tomatoes Onion Bell Peppers, Cuban Spices, Served with White Rice, Black Beans & Plantains


Saut?d with Spices, Fresh Tomatoes, Onions, Zucchini, Red & Green
Peppers, Served on a Sizzling Skillet, with Guacamole
  Chicken   Steak   Shrimp

( Served with Rice, Homemade Refried Beans,Corn or Flour Tortillas. Add $1 for Black or Chorizo Beans )


SOFT TACOS (2) Combo
Chicken    Carne Asada    Short-Rib (Birria)    Carnitas
Served with Rice & Homemade Refried Beans

\\\\ Wet or Dry ////
Served with Refried Beans, Rice, Cilantro, Tomatoes & Onions
Vegetarian Chicken  Carnitas   
(Salsa Verde)
Carne Asada  Short-Ribs (Birria)  
 (Salsa Roja)

Served with Rice, Homemade Refried Beans
Cheese in Salsa Verde
Chicken in Salsa Verde
Shrimp and Crab
Shredded Beef in Salsa Roja
Chicken in Mole Sauce

Beef Taco  ▪  Cheese Enchilada  ▪    Chili Relleno ▪  Beef Tostada
1 Selection      2 Selections
(Served with Rice, Homemade Refried Beans, Corn or Flour Tortillas. Add $1 for Black or Chorizo Beans)

(Served with a Choice of Soft Drink, Milk or Juice, Homemade Refried Beans, Rice, Corn or Flour Tortillas)
Mini Bean & Cheese Burrito,   Cheese Enchilada, Chicken Fingers or Cheese Quesadilla 

  • Kahlua Flan Kahlua-Flavored Mexican Flan
  • Churros with Chocolate Sauce
  • Mexican Bread Pudding Mexican Sweetbreads, Raisins, Cranberries, Saut?d Bananas, Rum-Flavored Cream Sauce
  • ix? tapa Banana Split Bananas, Chocolate Sauce, Marshmallow Cr?e in a Deep-Fried Tortilla with 3 Scoops of Ice Cream, Drizzled with Chocolate Sauce, Dusted with Cinnamon

18% Gratuity Added for Parties of 6 or More  

(((  All Prices Subject To Change Without Prior Notices ))))

We specialize in a variety of VIP Bottle Service and Private Event reservations.  Please contact a member of
our management team for information on pricing and availability.


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